Developer: Acquire
Publisher: Marvelous
Platforms: PS4, Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 23/07/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed the game that started it all. This was the game that started the Akiba’s Trip games back in 2011 on the PSP at first. Now it has got a remake for the Switch, PS4 and PC. Will it age well?

In Akiba’s Trip, the story begins with a Nanashi (the default name) almost dying while out with his friend. A Shadow Soul took them to a side street to feed on them. Nanashi was patrolling the city to protect the civilians of the streets of Akihabara. 

Nanashi was saved by another Shadow Soul who game him her own blood, like Vampires. After you black out and awake, you are in a room in an organisation named NIRO. They force you to work for them to start with. You will be sent back to the streets of Akihabara to fight and strip the Shadow souls. Eventually you will need to pick a side what will you pick?
The story for Akiba’s Trip is funny and outragous enough, it keeps ticking over with weird and wonderful things that happen.


The gameplay of Akiba’s Trip does not at all age well. To fight a shadow soul you have to take a picture, one taken some NPCs might disappear. Once noted, you can fight these Shadow Souls. Here is where the game falls down. The fights are a simple high, medium and low attacks until the parts of clothing flash red. Once red, you can hold the attack button and you will pull off the clothing. Once all clothing is gone, the enemy will disappear, and the fight is over. 

Fighting is fine when it is one-on-one fight, however, as soon as there is more than one enemy this is where the battle system falls apart. You will try to attack one enemy, your middle and lower attacks are wide sweeping attacks this should be a plus in a multi-enemy fight it does not. As you cannot easily lock on to any of the enemy, especially as there is a group and you can waste a grab on the wrong enemy. This happens way too often within fights, and as you spend most of your time fighting it gets annoying and boring quick, this is a massive shame. I know it is an old game from the PSP, however, an overhaul of the fighting mechanics could have been done.

Akiba’s Trip has a lot of things to do, shops to visit and a fateful recreation of Akihabara. But there are some really weird things that you can do first and strangest is being able to visit Nanashi sister’s room and get her to try on outfits for you to look at for a high cost. I know it’s for fan service but for me it came across a little seedy. And I love a bit of fan service.

Overall Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed shows its age dreadfully, and with its lifeless, boring battle system it quickly turns in to a slog rather than a fun time. Akiba’s Trip is one game you hope to get more from and it never does. The saving grace is the story and the localisation that is funny and takes pot shots at many fandoms.

IF you really have to play this as you enjoyed the others wait for a sale. It is not the worst game I have played bar far but with the battle system being how it is I would wait. 


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