How it began

It was but 17 years ago, on a dark Autumn evening, one was the new kid in town, the other was a serious Halo: CE player. One man down his only words where “I don’t care for your name you are Game Guy. Sit there! Your on blue team.” 

After destroying the red team, and there passion for computer games cemented a friendship that will last though the ages.


That is the story of how I met my Review Rush Co-Founder William. 

I have been playing games since I was four. I have been involved in the gaming world though selling playing and journalism . I have been a game journalist for close to a year now. I felt as this was the best time to move on to the next venture. It has always been a dream of mine to have my own review site and it is happening. 

My role here at Review Rush will be PR and reviews and YouTube videos as well as any way I can help. Please feel free to drop me an email, love to hear form you guys.


Just so you all know Keith is OK at Halo no pro though.

Hey I am William the other co-founder of Review Rush. I too have a passion for games and winning. I have for as long as I can remember played games. We came up with this idea together and we want to make Review Rush the best review site it can be.

My role here at Review Rush is site maintenance, reviews and Editor. 

Our Ethos To Reviews

Here at Review Rush, we are commited to giving our readers/viewers an impartial and unbiased reviews on all the games and products we have the chance to review.

Every game will get the same attention of detail

Game Completion Disclaimer

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How We Rate Our Reviews

At Review Rush we will be open and honest about how we rate, score and write our reviews.

We have a two part system, of sort as hardware and accessory reviews lightly different. Firstly we have our website reviews and secondly, our YouTube reviews. We aim to have the same game and/or product on both the website and on YouTube.

On the Review Rush website you will find a in-depth review or all games and/or products we receive. Each review will follow the same format to keep reviews not only uniformed but to ensure we cover the main points we believe to be important to us as gamers:

  • Title
  • Game Details – Developer, publisher, release date, price and if we where given or bought the game and/or product to review. If a PC game it will cover the hardware specifications.
  • Link to our YT video
  • Introduction – Story, ant genera specific items and history.
  • Gameplay – Controls, Mechanics, Extra content (DLC) and replayablilty.
  • Performance – Graphics, Overall performance. Consoles -slowdown and frame-rate drops etc. PC, a more in-depth look at settings and performance.
  • Sound – Soundtrack and Sound design
  • Conclusion – Summarise the game, Own thoughts and feelings and recommendation.
  • Score – rated 1-10.
There is also a minimum read time for both AAA title and indies, each review should last no less then four minutes to read. With no set in stone upper limit.
It was decided upon these counts on the fact some indie titles have less content than AAA game. We know this does not cover all games in each category and this is why there is no upper limit to the reviews. Due to the content amount this is also why we have decided on a read time rather than word count.
For hardware and/or accessories the review lay out is slightly different. Rating hardware and/or accessories we have decided to compare the product to the marketing information the manufactures provide us. Doing so will allow not only keep us focused on what we are looking for but will give the reader the insight to what we are basing our review off.
This comparison review was decided as the products are made and marketed to do a specific task and we believe that it is only fair to rate these products off what the manufactures boast their product is capable off.

The lay out for a hardware and/or accessory review;

  • Name Of The Product
  • What The Marking Says – quote form manufacturer what the product can do.
  • The Brake Down – This will include pictures of the product as well as a description of looks feels weight etc. For YouTube will will do an unboxing also.
  • Technical Stuff – What the product can or can’t do relative to the marking. Compare to similar products.
  • Conclusion – General over view of the product as well as price* being worth it or not.
  • Score – Rated 1-10
 *Price is used in hardware and accessory reviews are to indicate the wroth of the product in our opinion, we know that everyone has different of opinion on value. Here at Review Rush we feel a fully informed review of a product is needed as prices vary so much. 
As we discuss each individual part we need to decide how it is rated it was decided 1-10 system was best for us and the rates thus follow.
1-3 = Dire, 4-6 = Decent, 7-9 = Outstanding and 10 = Masterpiece.
With YouTube we follow the same layout as the website and aim for a review no longer than 5 minutes. These reviews are aimed at people on the move, for example commuters, parents, waiting for the next multiplayer round, going to the toilet. If you don’t have a lot of time or just don’t want to read we have you covered.
With the YouTube video, we will can elaborate of some points or miss others out that are not as important to make sure the relevant and most important information is delivered to the viewer at all times.

Game Completion Disclaimer

We here at Review Rush are committed to finish each game we review completely. If for some unforeseen reason we do not have the time to finish the game, we can 100% guarantee that we will have played enough of the game and understand the mechanics, to give a fully informed and complete review.

For hardware and accessories we will test each aspect of the product to the best of our current abilities and in different circumstances where possible. This will give us the biggest scope to give the best review we can. 


If you have any questions or want anything clarified please drop us a message on the contact page and we will gladly try and clear up your query. Or just feel like moaning this section is too long that is also fine.

Again thank you so much for your support with games and or products as well as our readers and views and please keep coming back and reading and watching our content as we really wanna do well and you have our eternal gratitude.

From Keith and William we thank you for your time and support