A Knight's Quest

Developer: Sky9 Games
Publisher: Curve Digital
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: PS4
Release Date: 10/10/2019
Price: £19.99/$24.99
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[ Introduction ]

A Knight’s Quest is an Action-Adventure Platformer published by Curve Digital and developed by Sky9 Games that was released October 10, 2019.
While exploring a cave one day our clumsy hero, named Rusty, awakens an entity entrapped in a pink crystal. The entire kingdom is shook and in fear after seeing the crystal soar across the sky. A legend of three champions is brought up that could possibly save the day, but they have never actually been seen before. Vally, Rusty’s female friend techy side kick, volunteers the duo to seek out these lost warriors and do away with newly awoken evil.

A Knight's Quest World

[ Gameplay ]

Now that Rusty has his mission in sight he can venture out into the world, well sort of. Most places are blocked off unless you are required to access that area for a particular current mission. Yes, in a sense the game could be related to a Zelda in regards to gameplay, BUT what game cannot be these days? Attack with a sword until you navigate several dungeons to find upgrades and new items. There is more tactful platforming in this title compared to a Zelda. Just a personal side note, too many games are attempting to emulate the epic adventures of Link and not enough are trying to reinvent any Mario game these days.

The most important aspect when a game includes platforming is the jumping control and it was done pretty poorly. Jumps travel either too far or short too often for my taste. Attacks felt so weak and the enemies were like sponges. Something just seemed off with the physics in the game. There are some gears that start a timed checkpoint races and the check marks are so small/precise they were missed even though you went right next to them requiring you to start over. If you can stick with it to complete them then you will be “rewarded” with a treasure chest with not so useful items. The item bag you start with to carry items is far too small and have to juggle the inventory nearly right at the start.

I really did enjoy the grind boots that are obtained.

A Knight's Quest zelda

[ Visual and Perfomance ]

Aside from the environments I was pretty disappointed with visuals in this game. The characters are so stiff and lifeless. Just their eyes and mouth move making them look like Miis. The world is vibrant and changes in scenery an abundant amount of times. Perhaps the creators spent too much time on the landscapes and not enough on other areas.

I found the game to be fairly buggy and had one glitch where I could not move Rusty at all but everything else was normal that forced me to close the game and reboot it. Other reviews reported software errors that shut down the game on its own (worth noting even though it did not happen to me. The world map is completely useless. I could not believe you could zoom in at all and that there was no more detailed mini map. I had trouble getting to new areas to for missions because of this issue.

A Knight's Quest boss

[ Sound ]

The score was much appreciated, but the sound effects were irritating. Every time Rusty jumps or swings his weapon he gives out dumb noises. Some voice acting for the dialogue would have gone a long way into giving the Mii-like dummies more personality, but instead they just make goofy noises during text conversations.

A Knight's Quest slide

[ Conclusion ]

Unfortunately, A Knight’s Quest suffers from quite a few downfalls that significantly take away from such an ambitious new IP with great potential. Despite there being a large map I felt the game was very linear due to guards and yellow construction fences preventing you from going anywhere expect the areas you need to go to for missions. I did not get a Breath of the Wild vibe like others did as well just a disappointing generic action adventure clone.

I would give this title a recommendation when on sale for at most $14.99. It is also available on the Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox One.

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