7th Sector

Developer: Noskov Sergey
Publisher: Sometimes You
Platforms: PS4, Switch, XBox One, PC
Reviewed On: PS4
Release Date: 05/03/2020
Price: £19.99/$19.99
Reviewed By: Chicken Perm
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[ Introduction ]

Set in an unknown war torn or post apocalyptic cyberpunk world, a spark of electricity traverses through the broken city, through wires and electronics. There is not much known at all when starting the game. Through the backgrounds if it is apparent that machines have become much more prevalent in human society, so perhaps. The environment gives off a Terminator Man vs. Machine like Warzone. What is the ultimate purpose and goal for this travelling spark?

7th Sector mech

[ Gameplay ]

7th Sector really offers something way off the beaten path in regards to gameplay. The spark can only travel across electrical wires, but can jump from one to another and also take control of electronics. The main objective of the game is to travel from area to area while solving puzzles in order to advance.

So the real feature to review are the puzzles, and to be honest they are fairly challenging right from the start. I found that there were not many context clues on how to solve each puzzle. A few I had no idea what to do but came to one logical solution through the puzzle’s context, and I was right about how to solve them. However, there were a few that I absolutely had no understanding of how to come to the solution and still solved them by guessing or using trial and error. I would not say that the game is unfair toward gamers, but once you are stuck you might be stuck for good unless you consult a walk through or get lucky.

One particular puzzle I had no issue on what to do it was just that the controls of moving the spark fast enough in the right direction was the real challenge. The engery’s control is pretty stubborn because with any slight change in a wire’s path it comes to a complete halt until you barely adjust the direct to match the path.
The controls are simple itself though as the left analog stick moves the spark, X interacts/jumps wires, and Square gives a short speed boost (not done very well either).

7th Sector electric

[ Visual and Perfomance ]

The setting is fantastic! There is some serious doom and gloom in this broken world. Something terrible has happened and still happening in the game and it is shown very well without providing any story. I was really impressed with how desolate and ominous the environment was from the point of view of electricity.

I did not find any performance issues.

7th Sector ball

[ Sound ]

The game is quite quiet, and that makes sense given where and when it is taking place. Still, I felt the background music could have done a better job of setting the mood like the visuals did. The sound effects do save the day for the audio, though. The sound of machines coming to life and electricity filling the silent void once you solve puzzles makes you want to keep playing and figure out just what the heck is exactly going on here.

7th Sector bots

[ Conclusion ]

The originality provided in 7th Sector is to be applauded. The puzzles do not treat the player with kid gloves so that must be noted. The controls could use some tuning to make movement more free-flowing/responsive. Personally, I cannot think of a game like it and there are multiple endings too. If you consider yourself a puzzle savant, then I highly recommend this one.
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