Developer: Terrible Posture Games
PublisherTerrible Posture Games
Platforms: Switch PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 03/03/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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3 out of 10: Season 1, totes its self as a playable sitcom, now I am not a massive sitcom fan there a few out there I like but most are just ok. SO going in to 3 out of 10 I was a little dubious to say the least. However, I was surprised when I started it how much I enjoyed it.

A gaming sitcom?

You play as Midge an animater who lands a job at Shovelworks Studios, without even knowing it. This was after the last animator self combusted. Shovelworks studio is known for making games that never reach above 3 out of 10 on reviews. The team is working on a new endful (not a miss spelling) runner game. As Midge is trying to get to know her new colleagues, she is thrown in to this weird and wacky situations that have to be delt with.

For me to like a sitcom, it has to be entertaining and witty and something totally out there at times. 3 out of 10 does just that.

3 out of 10 game dev

The gameplay has you take on weird and wonderful mini games and lots of funny cutscenes throughout its very short game. One mini game is to get an intern out of the cupboard while playing a block puzzle game. This is to feed the intern to the engineers for help with a riot. Trust me, it gets stranger as you go alone the episodes.

As the title says 3 out of 10: Season 1, is made to feel like a tv show. With mutiple episodes each lasting around 30 minutes each depending on how well you fair with each mini game. I would have preferred a bit more per episode as it took me about three hours to complete the season. Tv fine I get it run times and having to put that in a slot etc, but with a game it could have been longer.

Even with each runtime, there is so much going on. With so many parodies of real-life situations and things that are happening just now. Let’s be honest with all the crap going on just now we need a good laugh. Not to mention the games take on other types of genera, like battle royal. While destroying these ideas and taking the piss out of them. These sections made me laugh out loud. It is all done in good humour, however, and nothing negative.

Only this with the gameplay and the story is that the story gets going as it ends. The ending that’s a cliffhanger, has no impact as they shoehorn the big problem in at the end of the season. So there is little to no impact. This should have been hinted at more throughout the game or just left until Season 2.

As for 3 out of 10 art style and voice acting, I totally love it. Using 2D images in a 3D world that all look a little weird, like a comic strip. This made some situations even more enjoyable. With some superb voice acting give life to each charater and their very different personaitles. Have to say Viper is by far the best character in the game, just from who they based him on.

3 out of 10 gameplay

3 out of 10: Season 1 is a strangely satisfying title that is a little too short. It does great as an intro to the games, but I would have liked more from it. For what it is 3 out of 10 is good. Just very short.

I would recommend this title, or at least recommend it when more Seasons are out


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